A rangehood is an essential part of any modern kitchen. Not only can a rangehood help create a pleasant home environment by removing smoke, grease and odours while cooking, it can help extend the lifespan of your cooktop by keeping the entire area cleaner for longer.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, rangehoods can be tricky to set up and properly install. Vented rangehoods require connection to exhaust ducts leading to the outside world, while recirculating rangehoods are often integrated into kitchen cupboards and fixtures.

Handy Crew is familiar with all manner of rangehoods, from roof-mounted island rangehoods to space-saving retractable rangehoods. Even if you’ve already had a different model previously installed in your kitchen, Handy Crew has the expertise to safely remove it, modify your cabinets (if required), and install the new one in its place, all at the time of delivery.

If required, the Handy Crew team can install new ducting for your rangehood, including roof and wall penetrations, core drilling and flashing. These services require quoting.

The Handy Crew team can even demonstrate how to properly care for your rangehood, so you can extend its lifespan and help keep your kitchen pristine.

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