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When your laundry is in need of a new washing machine or dryer, how will you set it up? After all, laundries are often rather cramped spaces, and washers and dryers are hefty things that are difficult to move, let alone wall-mount or stack.

The plumbers, electricians and other qualified tradespeople that make up Handy Crew’s team are experienced when it comes to hooking up washers and dryers to water and electricity supplies, even installing new power point and water connections where necessary to position the appliances in the most suitable arrangement for your laundry.

With a stacking kit, compatible washers and dryers can be mounted atop one another to save space and make using the laundry easier. In some cases, your dryer can be turned upside down and/or wall mounted to save additional space. Either of these solutions can be managed with the help of Handy Crew’s expert team.

When installing a vented dryer, the team from Handy Crew can connect the appliance up to an existing outside exhaust duct to keep your laundry dry and moisture free. The team can even install brand new ducting in your home, including roof and wall penetrations, core drilling and flashing. These services must be quoted. Please contact us for more information.

Doing the laundry is hard enough without having to deal with the trouble of installing new appliances. Use Handy Crew next time you order a new appliance to make your life easier and more convenient.

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