We all love fridges. They keep our food fresh, our drinks cool, and their sleek designs can look pretty great in our kitchens.

But fridges are big, heavy things that can be a real pain to move, let alone get into the right position to install. Plus, if you’ve chosen a built-in fridge, these can take some special expertise to install and get running.

Fortunately, Handy Crew can manage the hard work of moving your fridge, setting it up and installing it. For a built-in fridge, the team can modify your kitchen cabinets (if necessary) in order to accommodate it.

It doesn’t matter if your new fridge or freezer is intended to be the kitchen centrepiece or a long-term storage solution for the garage – Handy Crew will set it up with the same degree of care and attention regardless.

The team will even run through the features of your new fridge, such as the water dispenser and ice maker, leaving you with a brand new fridge that you’re ready to use.

An installation of your new fridge by Handy Crew will let you start enjoying the benefits straight away.

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