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In certain areas of Australia, an air conditioner is a must-have item in order to comfortably survive the summer months. A reverse-cycle air conditioner can also be beneficial in the winter, keeping you cozy when it’s cold outside.

If you’ve purchased a split-system air conditioner (i.e. an air conditioner with half the unit inside the home and half outside), you’ll require help from a professional to get it set up. Even window box air conditioners need to be balanced just right when they’re installed.

Handy Crew’s experienced tradespeople can help you to start enjoying the benefits of your new split system or window air conditioner, sooner. In the case of split systems, Handy Crew can install new ducting for your air conditioner, including roof and wall penetrations, core drilling and flashing.

As part of our service, Handy Crew will clean and remove any mess and packaging from the installation. If your new air conditioner is replacing an old existing unit, we can uninstall it at the same time and take it away to be recycled, saving you the hassle of disposing of it yourself.

And if your new air conditioner has a lot of complicated features, Handy Crew can run you through how your new unit works so you can start getting the most out of it straight away.

With Handy Crew, you can enjoy your cool new air conditioner without getting hot under the collar setting it up.

Air conditioner installation is currently offered in NSW, Vic, QLD, WA.

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